Workshop on Retrogressive cultural practices

Educating and rallying elders and community members to enhance the stop of retrogressive cultural practices is key to the success of this struggles. We are glad to involve our elders through ACK Diocese of Mt Kenya West-Imarisha Maisha in this dialogue. Glad we have resolutions and way forward made as follows and to be implemented by the elders once on the ground.


-No marrying off young girls below 20yrs
-Find alternative Rights of passage
-Identify and support girls circumcisors.
-Set a time limit for ceremonies and be done over school holidays to avoid sch drop outs.
-Age set transitions be done during long school holidays.
-Boys circumcission be done after class 8.
-Hold seminars to educate our boys on issues of life per every village.

Way forward

– Household initiatives.
-Elders leaders/representatives chosen
We are glad we have come to this far, and we are going far for benefit of our community. Thank you to all stakeholders involved and thank you very much to Laikipia North Children’s Office for walking with our elders in this journey and making them understand about children rights and various rights that protect children. Above all we were able to discuss on embracing our positive cultures