Supporting girls in a boarding schools

“It is better to be here regardless of the state rather than being back home” Ann, a standard 8 girl from Rap primary school states. (Name changed for privacy purposes). They are thirsty for education. Their thirst driven by the challenges they have faced and still face. “Most of us have ran away from atrocities associated with harmful retrogressive cultural practices like early marriage and female genital mutilation, and we feel so safe while in this boarding facility” another girl attests.
During the pandemic over the long school break, many of them became victims of circumstances, others dropped off from school and some came back with so many wounds both physical and in their hearts. Our organization came in at the period, we rescued one class 7 girl getting married off without her consent. The parents were very cooperative and agreed and allowed us take the girl back to school. The girl was so excited and grateful. She loves her home and her school most. She desired to go back to her school and not be taken far away from her village because she wanted to show and bring hope to her fellow girls. We agreed to her plea and took her to Rap primary school, her school. She was enrolled into the new dormitory facility constructed for them by a well wisher and she was happy to join other few girls who were already there. They all admire to be in boarding but several of them can not afford the little cost meant for their meals and the personal requirements for upkeep during the boarding period. The few who are in the boarding came in boldly because they felt they were safe in the boarding rather than at home regardless of whether they had all the requirements or not. The school administration, with love and commitment, embraced them and encouraged them to get into boarding while they source for support to have them comfortable. On our arrival to take our class seven rescued girl, we saw the situation and felt touched by the story from the headteacher. We purposed to get back and mobilize for resources, top up with the little we have and bring a change to whatever humble level we can. Thank you to mobilization from our able Director Emily Lerosion, together with her friends, the girls were able to get Mattresses to enable them have a comfortable sleep in the night and get better concentration during the day.
The girls need a lot to be comfortable and concentrate better in school. We are still calling upon friends in ensuring that these girls get an opportunity to be fully comfortable in school. Many of them still trek home and across wild life and amidst other challenges facing them. They desire to be in the boarding too but they need our support.
Join us in either sponsoring a girl in a boarding, purchasing a 4inch mattress, helping in a needed wiring for solar lighting in the night, or repairing their boarding facility for safety at night.
Please reach out to us or the school head teacher for support on how to do this using our contacts below.
Here is the head teacher’s direct phone number: +254712777781
And feel free to write to us
through our email address:
Great appreciation to our donors… for helping us ignite the potential in our local women.