Mobilization support for school going girls

Its not an easy moment for school going children and more so the girls. With mobilization and support from professional ladies in Laikipia, we are reaching out to young girls aged between 9 to 19yrs to give mutual support, encouragement to keep pressing on despite the challenges that this pandemic comes along with and most of all to remain optimistic about their education and not to get trapped into life pleasures that will finally render them miserable. For the last one month we have reached out to over 160 girls in Laikipia North in areas of Endana, Ereri, Tanki Nyeusi, Segera, Dol Dol and Chumvi. We plan to reach out to 500 girls in Laikipia this month . We call upon all who would like to support our initiative to join us in whichever way, you can opt to be part of the mentors, gift a bundle of sanitary towels and personal needs or give an encouraging statement to the team.
We ended our month by visiting over 100 girls in Chumvi and Dol Dol and it was such an awesome moment with the girls who we hope to walk with to the achievement of their life goals. Here are a few photos of the weekend activity for you to feel being part of.
Thanks to friends from Harvard Medical School for sharing the translated Covid-19 materials with us, this comes along to help our people better understand the pandemic and its preventive measures with the help from the girls.