Intra and Intercommunity Interactions

Within our village boundaries, the tribal and non tribal people interact in various spheres. The symbols, the language and the rituals they perform, are the source of peaceful coexistence and the respect and understanding for each other’s cultural values. This understanding and reciprocation are the principles of living as assumed by the village people and can be the base of cultural continuity. Interdependence and interaction are the basic elements of every social system in the form of different social structures. It is also essential to carry forward the tradition along with necessary changes. Globalization, as a process or change, helps us to learn the essentials of living and then to build the future in a collaborative and constructive manner by learning from each other. It also advocates for crisis management and conflict resolution. It is in this context that TNDP promotes Cultural integration featured in inter-community interaction with an aim to reveal the tolerance at different levels, the perceptions of the other caste population, the cultural attributes amidst diverse cultures, which forge an integrating interaction that raise our indigenous people culturally for peaceful co-existence and sustenance.

We carry out this intra and inter community interactions through strong platforms by providing inter-community interaction through celebration of our own cultural similarities during international indigenous peoples day celebrations, international women days by bringing women groups from different tribes in our operations areas together to celebrate, share challenges and our strengths and in various other platforms that bring our different indigenous communities together to celebrate our similarities and strengths as indigenous people.