Indigenous Peoples Day

This day, all of you are in our hearts and we shall be back celebrating our traditional ceremonies together again.

It is well and the pandemic shall come to an end soon.
Happy worlds indigenous peoples day to all these super women and men from my community and to all indigenous peoples all over the world
Using our ancestral origin to bring along oneness, togetherness, unity…name it all, on this International Worlds Indigenous Peoples Day the 9th Aug, 2019, a special day together with our Indigenous communities in Laikipia North, the Samburu, the Laikipia Maasai and the Turkana. We climaxed our three days women cultural exchange visits with a blast. Having the three communities celebrate by sharing their commonalities as indigenous peoples. Follow us for a summery of the cultural documentary of the Samburu, Maasai and the Turkana, courtesy of Laikipia North, Kenya Indigenous Peoples with The New Dawn Pacesetter.