Food Security

Food security and especially at this tuff moment of the pandemic is very crucial. We explore all possible solutions to ensure our indigenous women and other local community women within our community are at par with the changing challenging times.

We partner with stakeholders in achieving our goals. Our communities have greatly benefitted with immense knowledge on multi storey demo gardens. We have had over 10 groups trained at different villages within the course of the week. Thanks to #handinhand for your continuous support in our enterpreneurship trainings. This has led to stories of change. Our communities are enlightened in various business activities and linked to opportunities in expanding their achievements.

Storey gardens help to save up on space or can be used in areas with limited space in addition to holding up more than 120 plants that allow the diversity of crops. Use of these gardens help households with sustainable nutritious and safe food in the face of COVID-19.

The multi-storey gardens are constructed with dam liner materials with a thickness of 0.5-1 mm. The liners are cut into different sizes and fastened using bolts and nuts at the end to form circular rings with a diameter of 4 ft.
Besides, the multi-storey gardens are affordable and conserve irrigation water, as this helps minimize evaporation.
The gardens can be used for the production of vegetables such as kale, spinach, and other vegetables. They can also be used for nursery establishment.