Become Our member

Our membership entails three categories;

1. Full Membership

This is fully joining our team as a member by contributing an annual fee of USD 50. This is renewable every year with a reminder at the exact date you registered.

2. Partial Membership

This is being part of us by attaching yourself to one of our specific program like let’s say contributing to the success of education for girls and committing to do it annually or monthly depending with your capability. So this kind of membership gives a member an opportunity to purely support a program if their desire unlike the annual membership which is basically for supporting the organization vision.

3. In kind Membership

This is a type of membership that gives every other willing member an opportunity to partner with us in whichever way they can while giving them a sense of being part of us. They can either join us in our activities or contribute when they can or share best ideas with our team on how we can best do our work for successful results. Once you register in this membership, you will have the opportunity to be our team and to be invited to our ongoing events.

To become our member click on the link on your right to sign up then fill in the form and submit.