Documentation of indigenous knowledge

Our Indigenous knowledge is one of our identities and personalities. Without it, our origin gets into extinct. Through support from Pawanka Fund, we document and revitalize our Indigenous knowledge in prevention and treatment of dangerous diseases including covid-19. Thanks to our elders and traditional experts for sharing the knowledge and contributing to the passing of this knowledge to our upcoming generations. “we don’t fear covid-19 here, if I can treat other more dangerous diseases, why not covid-19” says elder Mepukori of the Laikipia maasai community in the North of Kenya. to watch our documentation click the link below;[0]=AZWBojmS0ZDzGSHifrsqBmRmYh__cN1xcJJiw5ad-9k-xKiOcB4KoPfXkfWDcvJ1M4GaJPzp4V_3YNgy-5AfEYVN3HxboTjZAyWEEQkQqvttRuAodKTYrqqXYew311QYSf2keNCINmBTbr3Qg0GTowyTYrAI279qEBcfTD0WpPuwqiPLkv3JLaf4mfRRZIBbsVA&cft[1]=AZULqS2Buq7IZjFBZknrGVDTasVo424sJFyDAk4SrUSTNisjnXCGbAgkgfPuwOzosIeM6jVTwBGjQ0rKwjdkZvWq_KJcc21nWgcxj6zp4fmY9PtejipwcUQO5dsf1dZhamgh_ZsKaDk4s06GEuU3rooh&tn=FH-R

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