In our efforts to strengthen our indigenous women resilience to lead their own developments, this month we ignite their potentiality through training and empowerment on entrepreneurial skills not limited to livestock rearing, poultry keeping, kitchen garden and bead products marketing strategies.

We wrap up our activities by issuing every trained woman a certificate of participation as a recognition of their efforts and a motivator to press on and with a way forward to get into action. It was such an exciting moment to see our mothers being able to use a pen and a book to make drawings of oneself best entrepreneurship activity set to do. Our great appreciation to… for your great support and for trusting in us in making women empowerment an ideal way to making it happen, Much appreciation too to NACONEK, The Kesho Alliance, IDSL, HIKMA Foundation, Harambee and Nomad Innovation Hub for partnering with us to make this activities a success.

We are glad that Petalés Research and Management Solutions believed in us and gave us an opportunity to help our community challenge this norms through the Dream Girls Project. Thank you our fathers in Parkuruk, Rap and Tuale all in Isiolo North sub county and Kurum, Kiwanja Ndege, Soit Oudo and Saramba all in Laikipia North sub county for accepting to “CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE”. Together we progress for the better of our future generations.

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